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Thank-you Participants

Well as of now, that is, December, and it seems that almost certainly there will be no more submissions, so I'm posting a masterlist. However, if you still have fics you've forgotten about, there is no such thing as too late. Also people who feel like writing stuff for some of the ficless people, I can compose a list.

A little about the list: many of these stories are f-locked due to post-blackout

PG13 // James/Sirius // to the moment just surrender by drypuddles (james/sirius)
NC-17 // (Bellatrix/Lily/Narcissa) // Angels and Darkness: What the Black Sisters do for Fun by bubblegumlocks
PG-13-ish // (James/Sirius) // How Sirius Black Came to Stay by riddlemesphinx
R // (Lily/Narcissa ) // Engaged in War by iamisaac
Pg-13 // (Alice/Lily, implied Frank/Alice) // This Is The End by beneaththetoad
M // (severus/tobias) // Heartbeat by mewling
PG-13 // (James/Peter) // Rarely Strange by maraudersaffair
NC-17 // (Sirius/Regulus) // Brothers by muselolita
R-ish // (James/Severus ) // For the Love of a Woman by kyfairie
NC-17 // (Lily/Narcissa ) // Breaking, Things I Can't Do by miniluv68
R // (Lily/Bellatrix) // Curses run like ribbons by tragicamente
PG-13 // ( Rita Skeeter/Bellatrix Black ) // Sparkling Casanovas by mari_grem
R // (Severus/Regulus) // See to Believe by the_rainbow_jen
NC-17 // (Bellatrix/Narcissa) // Private and Confidential, Heavily Warded by sweetcarolanne
NC-17 // (Sirius/James ) // Business and pleasure by lufia_vs_erim
PG-13 // (Evan/Regulus) // Waiting by shipchan
NC-17 // Bellatrix/Narcissa // In Her Place by moriath
NC-17 // Regulus/Remus // Good with the Bad by the_rainbow_jen


Remus/Regulus for kyfairie

Title: Good with the Bad
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Underaged, dub/non-con
Request: Regulus/Snape or Regulus/Remus, "Aware of an unrequited infatuation for his brother, Regulus decides to take Slytherin advantage of the situation. I would love for this to be both fun and mocking, and for both parties to be aware of Regulus’s duplicity in his actions."
Author's Note: This was unfortunately a lot darker than I think you wanted, but I hope you like regardless. Unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine.

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; . ; stranded!

I'm sorry to say the following people have been left without authors who haven't promised to post something:

kyfairie  zoinked!
sweetcarolanne  zoinked!

Is anyone able to pinch hit? *puppy eyes* I'm reposting the requests in the cut if anyone thinks they may be able to help out.

Unfortunately I'm rubbish at these kinds of stories, but I would hate to see people go giftless. Lend a hand?

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to mention: I probably haven't said this earlier (*doh*) but feel free to post your MERSE stories to other communities if you'd like. Although I may actually wait awhile to post the masterlist.

Unposted Stories

So some people haven't posted their stories. I've contacted them and most have written back to say they will be posting late, but I havent recieved responses from some ;_;

Please be patient!

giftee: the_lone_jen
request: : : Regulus Black/Evan Rosier. “First time, evolving out of a friendship, but not fluffy, they're Slytherins! Maybe hurt/comfort?”
rating: PG-13
pairing: Evan/Regulus mentions of Severus/Remus and Evan/Severus
warnings: slash, abuse, bird burning.
title: Waiting
by: shipchan
beta: yamistar8959
summary: As Slytherins went, Evan was lacking in tact, but he did know that he had to wait a bit before asking Regulus what had happened. So, he watched Regulus for a week or so, tracking him from class to class, noting that he spent far too long talking to the house elves when they would collect his dirty socks and that he would clip at least three things out of every Daily Prophet and stick them in books, as if they were flowers to be pressed.
a/n: I rewrote this about four times until I was happy with it. I hope that it fits the request and isn’t too painful to read.
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MERSE is now

or at least partially. If you're worried about "LJ coming after you for TOS violations with young characters" (Hello Jen, I did get you email ♥) then feel free to lock your entries so only members can see them. If you don't wish too, I won't force you. But for a full MERSE experience, please join!

I don't know much about this stuff, so feel free to point out something you think needs doing or fixing or something.


Gift for tragicamente

giftee: tragicamente
request: sex, please. UST would be the best. Some girly flirting and chatting.

rating: erm, R, or NC-17, I'm never sure.
pairing: Lily/Narcissa
warnings: Femmeslash

title: Breaking, Things I Can't Do
by: Mini Luv

summary: It's hard to say what hurt worse, Lily's slap, or the truth.

A/N: Okay, I really, really tried. I swear I did. It just came out like this. I went for girly chatting and flirting, and it sort of went okay, and then I re-wrote it because I didn't like it and then this happened. There's girly flirting. Not so much chatting. UST, I think, and sex(as far as I know). I think I'd label this as a dark comedy, kind of like a movie dark comedy, but, I went for something lighthearted. I don't know about the ending too, I couldn't figure out how to end it. It seemed way too bittersweet to me. Anyways, I like it, I just hope you do too. :) Oh yeah, sorry for the title, I swear I'm horrible.

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James/Severus for bewarethesmirk

Giftee: bewarethesmirk 
Request: James/ Severus, Confrontation of some sort, frottage, walls, dirty talk. Filthy and nasty, please.

Rating: Rish
Pairing: James/Severus
Warnings: slash, DH spoilers, not very friendly *smirk*

Title: For the Love of a Woman
Author: kyfairie 

Author’s Note: Thank you to romaine24 for the discussions and the read over. And another thank you to snapesgirl_62 for letting me blackmail her into a beta read. Kisses. Further notes, some of the dialogue may seem familiar (*grin*) it is adapted from Deathly Hallows, as well as Order of the Phoenix.

Summary: Everyone was accustomed to seeing them fight through out the halls of the castle. It had become common place. Nobody knew how far they would take it, how far everything would go between them. Especially since they both made one vital error: they underestimated the girl they were fighting over.

Title: Rarely Strange
Author: maraudersaffair
For: riddlemesphinx
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: James/Peter
Author's Notes: Hey,riddlemesphinx! I hope you enjoy this fic -- I tried to incorporate both of your requests, but I had a little trouble with James and his feelings for Peter. Also, a great thanks to my wonderful beta, marauderswolf!

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Lily/Narcissa for miniluv68

giftee: miniluv68
request: : Lily/any of the Black sisters. Sex. Hot sex. Or, possibly good plot. Either or.
rating R
pairing Lily/Narcissa
warnings Femmeslash
title : Engaged in War
by: iamisaac
word count: ~2000
Author's note: many thanks to versipellis for advice.

summary Everyone wants Narcissa, Lily included. But she has never thought she’d get what she wanted – nor the reason why.

Engaged in WarCollapse )