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james/sirius, for leoninedragon

Title: How Sirius Black Came to Stay
Author: riddlemesphinx
For:leoninedragon -- I really hope you like it!
Who requested James/Sirius -- awkward boys, fun not sappy or fluffy

Rating: PG-13-ish
Pairing James/Sirius
Warnings: Slash (m/m)
Author's Notes: Some thank yous are definitely in order. To infinitejoys , who is the Grammar Queen of my heart and whose enthusiastic "HEE"s brought me endless amounts of joy. And to cluelesschase , who provided me with the most thorough beta work I've ever seen and fixed all of my incorrect "Britishness". Thank you.

Summary: "And so it is that Sirius Black comes to live with them. There are lots of little things that James finds himself having to adjust to, like the idea that he can’t simply shove his chores off on Sirius like he’s always imagined he could do if he had a brother. In fact, James is learning that if he tries to do this, Sirius just punches him in the chest and runs off, leaving him wheezing in the garden while all the gnomes come to have a good laugh at him."

James's eyes meet his and volumes are spoken and unspoken in a brief moment of quiet. Then Sirius shoves James off the bed.Collapse )

femmeslash, for tsarina

giftee: tsarina
request: Bellatrix/Lily/Narcissa, preferably with bondage and the spanking of Lily

rating: mostly NC-17
pairing: Bellatrix/Lily/Narcissa, Bella/Cissy, implied Bella/Cissy/Andy
warnings: femmeslash, blackcest

title: Angels and Darkness: What the Black Sisters do for Fun
by: bubblegumlocks

summary: Lily is captured by the Black sisters, and before she's rescued, they have a bit of fun...

Why, what have we here? A Mudblood, all alone without her little band of merrymakersCollapse )

james/sirius, for bubblegumlocks

giftee: bubblegumlocks
request: James/Sirius. "post-Hogwarts, when Lily is pregnant and they have an "affair" "

rating: PG13 for mention of sex.
pairing: Sirius/James,  mentioned James/Lily
warnings: slash. mentioned pregnancy. infidelity... and possible unrealistic alcohol intake. but this is the Wizarding World, after all. ;)

title: to the moment just surrender
by: drypuddles